It all began back in 2016 when we introduced our very first pair of shorts: The Originals. When they launched, we made a promise to never change the timeless look and ultimate fit. Right now - seven years later - the exact same shorts are still available, the only difference is the number of colours: in 2016 it was 12, today it's 48!

The Originals are made of high-quality cotton twill with an unmatched soft finish. We added 1% elastane which makes them extremely comfortable to wear. The partially elasticated waistband ensures the ultimate fit. The Originals come with the dark blue MR MARVIS label and the hidden zip pocket in the right-hand pocket. Just above the bottom left hem, you'll find our iconic MR MARVIS octagon embroidery in a matching shade. This season we introduce black-blue Deeps, and red Cherries - whoever said an icon couldn't become even more iconic?